What We Do

NOW Foundation has several response levels, so we can react quickly to benefit the people who most urgently need our help. Our long term solutions include ensuring adequate clean water sources and promoting positive agricultural advancement

Emergency Solutions

Natural disasters and socio-economic crises occur throughout the world and they can be particularly problematic in developing countries, where there is often a lack of Government intervention and an increasing reliance on humanitarian aid. The NOW Foundation acts quickly in these times of crisis and employs a flexible response to the needs of those people suffering most. Essential donations ensure that our Emergency Solutions Team is able to respond quickly enough and with adequate supplies to relieve disaster stricken areas in time to save precious lives. As humanitarian aid workers, the NOW Foundation delivers immediate supplies of life-saving drinking water, as well as much needed relief supplies, including water-treatment tablets, food packages, emergency medical supplies and temporary shelters.

Water Solutions

It can be difficult to imagine for those of us who blithely turn on our taps and faucets, that many developing countries still don’t have access to essential, life-saving drinking water. The reality in many villages and communities in Africa and Asia is that they are still forced to exist without a sustainable source of clean and safe water, meaning that adults and children have no choice but to drink unsanitized water that contains high levels of effluent, bacteria and life-threatening viruses.

The NOW Foundation not only provides emergency relief to people living without clean drinking water but also works alongside these beleaguered communities to provide long-term solutions. Our Water Solutions Team builds water holes and wells which can last up to thirty years with minimal maintenance. We also provide water purification tablets for short-term relief, which remove unsafe toxins and waterborne diseases from existing water supplies and provide clean, safe drinking water in its place.

Agricultural Solutions

Impoverished and disadvantaged communities that don’t have access to safe drinking water are home to some of the poorest people in the world. We regularly work alongside these communities, where children and their families are literally starving to death. Once The NOW Foundation has established a source of safe drinking water we move to Stage 2 – developing a secure food source through the development of sustainable agricultural systems. Thirst and hunger are the two biggest killers in Africa and Asia and they are irretrievably linked with a deadly cycle of sickness and death. NOW understand that to break this dreadful cycle once and for all, we need to target the two key areas that we can improve on, clean water and sustainable agriculture.

Food Source

The NOW Foundation’s Agricultural Education Team provides communities with the knowledge, equipment and materials required to establish a sustainable agricultural system that suits the climactic conditions of each individual community. These include crop seeds, fertilizer, tools and equipment, so they can plant, tend and successfully harvest their own crops. We also provide prospective famers with basic education and ongoing mentoring to ensure they have the knowledge to achieve a crucial harvest. We show them how they can increase growth in their particular environment and potentially sell any surplus food- crops they produce to generate income. This not only enables these farmers to provide vital food to their communities but also gives them hope for the future and a sense of direction in life.


Where We Work

Use the map below to find out about our latest projects. Point at anywhere on the map. Join us in our journey to bring safe clean water and end hunger in West and Central Africa and South East Asia.



About Us

The NOW Foundation was born from a deep passion and an abiding love for people. When we are so removed from complete poverty, as we are in our highly developed worlds, we cannot comprehend just how bad the situation actually is on the ground. In Africa and South East Asia, children die every minute of every day from water-borne diseases and crippling malnutrition.

 ‘With the staggering wealth of many global communities it shouldn’t be this way.’

Without essential and vital donations from sympathetic and caring people across the world the death toll in these desperate communities will rise dramatically, especially among the most vulnerable and most innocent among them, the children. NOW Foundation are totally committed and driven to doing something about this appalling and worsening situation – NOW!

And we will – with your


help! NOW!

Initially, the NOW Foundation was set up to raise awareness of the tragic plight of the impoverished people in African villages. We helped them to discover clean water, treat dirty water to prevent further disease and supplied them with basic tools for farming. NOW Foundation has since flourished into a positive force for change and our work has saved many precious lives. It has taken the continued and dedicated efforts of many caring people to achieve this but we are now in a position to help not only the villages of Africa but also other poverty and drought-stricken people in South East Asia and other developing nations.

We are a registered UK Charitable Organisation that is dedicated to providing life-saving intervention to some of the poorest communities in Africa, Asia, and the developing world. We are committed to improving the well-being of disadvantaged adults and children through emergency water aid, sustainable water solutions and help in the development of secure food sources.

As our name suggests, we respond quickly and efficiently to humanitarian crises as they emerge – we act NOW!

NOW Foundation builds and fosters long-term relationships between communities and people. We take time to not only listen but to actually hear what these people say so that together we can work to build a better future for us all.

Our aim is to provide much more than temporary, short-term relief. We want to put in place the frame- work and the principles that enable these communities to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. We work tirelessly on the ground, finding and implementing long-term solutions for these communities that desperately need our help. The people who live in the communities we work-in are faced with multiple barriers to secure even the most essential elements for life – food and water. NOW Foundation is currently responding to the immediacy of these crises with the aim of saving lives NOW without delay. We do not wait for someone else to do it, we get in and do it ourselves. With your generous support we will increase our reach to other impoverished parts of the world where even more communities are in desperate need of our help.

As an organisation, we are open and transparent about everything we do and invite our sponsors and donors to join us on this life-changing journey. Together, we can make a real difference!

Together, we are making a profound and genuine difference to the future health and well-being of some of the poorest communities in the world and we ask that you join and support us.

 ‘One day at a time, one life at a time – but NOW!’

Little Girl




Our vision, is to one-day see a World in which every human being has access to safe, clean water and has no fear of dying from hunger.


Our mission is to work in some on the poorest communities in the developing world to provide access to safe and clean water – to everyone who lives there. We will be first on the scene to provide emergency water aid to disaster stricken areas and develop long-term, sustainable solutions for water access. Please join us on our mission to save lives as without your generosity many more people will die this year.


Our Strategy

At NOW, we want to bring positive change to the lives of millions of vulnerable people each year by working in some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia. Our strategy is to identify and protect those who are most in need of our humanitarian aid and intervention and to work within these local communities to prevent future poverty.


As part of NOW’s strategic planning we aim to bring lasting and sustainable food sources to these regions. We also aim to give people a basic agricultural education and mentor them to develop secure food sources. This means that once they grasp these fundamental principles they can effectively grow and properly manage their own crops in order to support themselves and their communities.


We want to ensure the voices of the world’s poorest citizens are heard especially the quiet, exhausted whispers of the sick and dying children. By raising awareness of these embattled communities in need around the world, NOW Foundation aims to connect these families in need with the resources and information they desperately need so they may pursue and achieve a better life.


NOW Foundation aims to provide emergency aid and much-needed supplies and durable equipment, to ensure communities in need have access to safe, clean water and a sustainable food source. We can only provide these life-saving supplies with the help of generous and caring people like you so please donate today and keep our vital work going.


NOW Foundation aims to provide emergency aid and much-needed supplies and durable equipment, to ensure communities in need have access to safe, clean water and a sustainable food source. We can only provide these life-saving supplies with the help of generous and caring people like you so please donate today and keep our vital work going.


The prevention of future instances of poverty is a long-term strategy and lies at the heart of everything we do. NOW believe that prevention is achieved through sustainable resourcing, educational empowerment, fair trade product labelling and ongoing community support. This way our efforts are maximized and these communities can eventually progress to a state of self-reliance, enabling them to respond to and overcome future drought or seasonal crop failures themselves.


Our History

The NOW Foundation: The meaning behind our name

The NOW Foundation acronym previously stood for the Needy Orphans Widows Foundation, however this year we decided to re-brand from our former acronym, to become simply the NOW Foundation with the capitalisation symbolising the importance of the word ‘NOW’.

So why did we change our name?

Like many charities that have changed their names in the past we chose to change our acronym to ensure our name and brand provided the best reflection of our work today. In the areas where the NOW Foundation first worked there were a great number of orphaned children and widowed spouses suffering and in dire need of aid. When we began our humanitarian work, these two groups were most prominent in our relief work. However, our vision has always been a wider and more extensive one and we want to ensure that our sponsors and supporters know that we help and support everybody in crisis regardless of their age, sex or background.

The meaning of NOW today:

We wanted to keep our new name as similar as possible to our previous name, so that our supporters and beneficiaries would continue to easily identify with our brand. The “NOW” in NOW Foundation is a standalone word and not an acronym. Therefore we have adapted our previous name to highlight the benefit and meaning behind our work. For us, NOW is symbolic of the need to act immediately and having the ability to respond quickly by putting agents on the ground, focused on where the charity’s work is most needed. Very often we are responding to areas affected by disaster and extreme poverty, where essential and life-saving intervention is needed NOW without any delay. This is why the NOW in NOW Foundation is capitalised, to emphasise the sense of urgency that we have, in reaching people NOW, who are in the most need of our aid.


Why NOW?

It is a disturbing fact that millions of men, women, and children in today’s modern society are forced to fight every day just to exist. Without access to safe drinking water and surviving with almost no food, they represent the most vulnerable section of the world’s population. These long-suffering, impoverished communities are locked in a deadly cycle of drought, famine, sickness and death. This terrible cycle is initiated and exacerbated by the fact, that many of these communities have no access to clean drinking water. In the areas where NOW Foundation currently provides life-saving aid there are approximately 544 Million people living without access to safe water and without enough food to eat.
Last year alone over 840,000 people died because of water related disease alone! That heart- breaking and desolate total of lost human life could have been massively reduced by fast and determined intervention. We at NOW Foundation NEVER want to see such a horrific number of lives lost again through circumstances that could have been avoided. Part of our core mission is to do everything in our power to stop such a tragedy ever happening again – not on our watch! We want to act NOW to offer our life-saving, humanitarian interventions, to provide emergency aid to those most desperately in need and then to help them access clean, safe water. Together, we can help reduce this horrific annual cost in human life. We can only do this NOW – with your help!

840,000 Preventable Deaths

This shocking fact, that each year, approximately 840,000 people die from diseases, contracted from drinking unsafe water is almost incredible. These most vulnerable people in our global population are also doomed to watch their children wither and die before their very eyes unless this deadly cycle of sickness and death is broken. The frail and painfully vulnerable children in these stricken communities pay a huge cost with their lives each and every year that passes. They are most at risk, because their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery and the downhill spiral from there is a rapid and tragic one repeated across these overwhelmed regions every single minute, hour after hour, day after day.

40 Billion Hours

In the developing countries, people spend around 40 billion hours every year walking in search of water to drink! 40 Billion Hours wasted! Those who bear the greatest burden of collecting water are usually women and children. The water they collect is often contaminated and even though they know it might kill them, they are left with no choice. They must simply drink this foul water to survive long enough to see the hot sun, rise another day.

These exhausting journeys for this contaminated water are often long and treacherous and when you factor-in the sickness and starvation, you will begin to understand the challenges facing these people just to survive for the next few days. Many children are forced into this back-breaking but imperative chore which means they get even more exhausted increasing their risk of disease. This also means that these trapped and exhausted children not only miss school but are left vulnerable to abuse and sexual assault when they are travelling unsupervised.

These sick and dying children should not have to pay this shocking price year after year for the excesses of the wealthy few. NOW Foundation is determined to help every one of these drought- stricken communities to establish their own clean water source so that their children can begin once more to survive and thrive. With clean water and healthy crops these long-suffering children can go back to school where they long to be, away from the dangerous and dusty roads, forced into carrying a heavy load of filthy water in the desiccating heat.


The immediate and primary causes of the devastating food shortages in Africa and Asia, which are affecting tens of millions of people, are prolonged drought and decades of violent conflict. A lack of water not only denies essential hydration and short-term survival but also has a massive impact
on agricultural, industrial and household activities. Without safe water it is almost impossible to grow food and stay clean and a steady supply of safe, clean water can dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of people and their communities across the developing world.


Get involved

We cordially invite you to join us and support the NOW Foundation. We would love you to participate in a NOW Foundation fund-raising event, whether it’s a local community, a school or college or a sports club, we would love to hear from you, as only together will we ever make lasting changes. We have a number of tried and tested event formats we can discuss with you, or you can entirely do your own thing, so contact us today, as every minute counts – literally.

Complete the form and ask your friends and family to join in too.


Volunteering with NOW can be a rewarding and life-changing experience. We welcome volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experience to take part in a wide range of local and international projects throughout the year. If you are enthusiastic, compassionate and want to help those most in need then we would love to hear from you. If you feel compelled to act NOW, to improve the lives of these impoverished communities, we want to hear from you – NOW.

International Opportunities

Throughout the year we send life-changing volunteer teams to areas throughout Africa and Asia. As a member of one of our International Volunteer teams, you will have the opportunity to learn valuable humanitarian aid skills and work directly with these communities. You will see both the villages that we have helped and who are now recovering and beginning to flourish and also the communities that desperately need our help next. Together, we can apply logical and coherent techniques and principles to build a frame-work for survival in each of these communities. The personal reward and sense of achievement you will feel, at seeing these vital changes begin to work will be hugely rewarding in themselves.



Local Opportunities

Volunteering at one of our many UK events is a great idea as we hold them on a regular basis so please check our events schedule. Perhaps when you next have the time come and join us, but please don’t put it off as we need YOUR help right now. With NOW Foundation you can make an incredible impact on the lives of the desperately impoverished people we help. We are always in need of friendly and compassionate volunteers, to help us with a range of activities at our events, ranging from fundraising to marketing or even just handing out leaflets, any and all volunteers will be very welcome. We guarantee one thing – there will be something for everyone to do!

‘Many hands make light work!’

Research Opportunities

If you are highly organized and interested in contributing to some truly meaningful research then we would love to hear from you. Our Research Team is continually searching for improvements and new initiatives that we can develop, throughout our areas of work.





Our Volunteers

Volunteers 1

Are you ready and willing to volunteer with us? Then please contact us today to discuss our up- coming projects and how you can get involved.



Fundraise With Us

Our fundraisers have an enormous impact on the lives of the people we help across the globe. By supporting some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in the world, NOW fundraisers have a unique opportunity to save lives while providing communities with a better future. NOW Foundation fundraisers are truly inspirational and offer a creative and rewarding experience for all who attend whilst raising vital money for desperately needy people and involving your communities in exciting and informative humanitarian events.

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NOW Events

Would you like to become an ambassador for the NOW Foundation?? Each year we ask ambassadors to join our team and help support other organizations in hosting various fundraising and awareness events. Your level of input and the time you can give to it are totally up to you. We are always flexible and are here to provide support and advice to you on these essential events.
We want honest, enthusiastic and caring people to represent us and be the face and voice of NOW Foundation at public events. Do you fit this profile? If so, we want to hear from you today. After all, we are NOW!

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It only takes a few minutes to come up with some great fundraising ideas, so why not get started with us NOW? When promoting your idea or event social media can be a great way to get the ball rolling. Please encourage your friends and family to come on board and support our cause across all your websites and forums. The more people who know about our vital and life-saving work the more people will be compelled to help us achieve our goals.



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