NOW Foundation’s The Great British Cake Sale 2015

On Saturday the 18th July, the NOW Foundation held the Great British Cake Sale Event in Friary Park in London.  Lots of passers-by and people from the local community joined us for the event, which was held to raise funds for the Nepal Earthquake Disaster. There was a great atmosphere at the Great British Cake Sale, the sun came out in Friary Park and there was heaps of fun being had by families and friends.

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If you weren’t lucky enough to stop by on the day, then you might have guessed from its name that The Great British Cake Sale was an event full of delicious cakes and sweet treats. The NOW Foundation’s staff and volunteers had a few busy days of baking up some tasty treats, and we also received some wonderful donations from businesses within the local community.

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The NOW Foundation would like to say a big thanks to all of the local businesses who donated cakes and other items to the day, these are: Harris And Hoole, The Hummingbird bakery, The Chelsea Cake Shop, Starbucks, Waitrose, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsburys, CooperativeFood, Euphoriumbakery, Music by Sonja, St Mary Magdalen Whetstone, The Slate Cafe, Daniel’s Bakery, Blue Mountine Peak and Parkway Patisserie. The NOW Foundation staff would also like to say thank-you to everybody who donated proceeds on the day of the event.

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In total the NOW Foundation raised £336 to help and support victims of the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. If you would like to find out more information about the Nepal Earthquake Appeal, or how you can contribute to the NOW Foundation and its campaigns, please get in touch with us at 0800 002 5033 or

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NOW Foundation: Great British Cake Sale


On the 18th July 2015 the Now Foundation is hosting a family-fun packed fundraising day for victims of the Nepal Earthquake Disaster. The event is called The Great British Cake Sale and will be a great day out packed with
lots of yummy cakes and fun activities. The event will be held at Friary Park in Whetstone London and be kicking off at 12pm and finishing off around 7pm.

There will be lots of things to do on the day and most importantly, lots of cakes to eat on the lovely green lawns of Friary Park. All proceeds raised on the day will be donated by the Now Foundation to victims of the Nepal Earthquake disaster and providing emergency water aid relief to disaster stricken areas in West Africa, Central Africa and South East Asia.

You can Join us to show your support.

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