August 7, 2015 NOW Foundation

3 Easy Ways to get started With a Charity Organisation

Similar to a business venturCharity 9e, setting up a charitable organisation entails a lot of work and a little bit of luck. Don’t get easily discouraged or frustrated if your charity does not immediately raise enough funds. It takes time and patience, some business skills, and the interest of your community stakeholders to gain traction in this field. It is best to focus your energy on what the people in your community need, or if you’re thinking globally – what is it that will improve the world. The bottom line is if you are setting up an organisation for charity purposes, how can you go wrong?
It is advisable to utilise the expertise of the Secretary of State and the IRS at the onset. The IRS may be intimidating, but the staffs are professional and helpful, especially to those who want to set up an organisation for charity purposes.
Starting a charitable organisation requires much paperwork in the beginning. However, if you are prepared, you will not have any problems getting the buy in of the governing agencies. Below are the three ways to get you started with setting up a charity organisation:
Form Your Charity
The very first things that you need to do when forming your charitable organisation is to develop your vision and define your mission statement. You will also need to find a unique name for your charity – one that is reflective of the kind of charity work that you do, create articles of incorporation, draft your bylaws, and set up your board. It may also be necessary to have a registered agent as a member of the board.
Fill Out the Paperwork
The next thing to do is to file an application form with your Secretary of State. If you have diligently conducted all the necessary actions in step one, this part should be a breeze. Upon completion of the filing of the application, you will need to get a Federal Employer Identification Number. And lastly, for this very important second step, you will need to file with the IRS for your charitable organisation to be recognised.
Get it Underway
The third and final step is to get your charity organisation underway. Start raising funds by getting the support of your community and other organisations who may be interested in extending help for charity purposes. Also, take advantage of the power of the social media by developing significant activities on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc. It is also a good thing to become visible and active in your community in order to gain their support.
When you have completed all the three ways to get started with your charity organisation, you may now begin your charity work – but remember to always keep your operating expenses including fundraising costs at a minimum (below 20% of your total expenses) to keep your charity organisation alive for a very long time.

Essential Basic Tools That Are Needed and Can Be Donated

“Sharing is always good. Someone needs that what you do not need!” By Samuel Johnson. When you have something more than you require and when you have a heart for sharing it, you are really admirable. In our daily lives, we do enjoy many things. When it comes to any of our basic needs, more often than not, we have enough and sometimes, even more than needed. Therefore, we really have a responsibility to share it to the needy either through charity or donation. Charity is given to fulfil the basic needs of the poor and needy. Anything that fulfils a human need can be donated in many ways, but can only be a charity when it is donated without expecting anything in return or profit.