August 27, 2015 NOW Foundation


Every single person in the global world has imagined, envisioned and dreamed of being successful in different aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, for some, this only remains a dream but for others, the journey to success has been worth their while and they have joyfully enjoyed the fruits of it. So one may ask, why would two young people who start the same business, the very same day with the very same capital have different income flows at the end of the business year? It is simple to understand since there is quite a thin line between success and failure, which is only defined by the individual.

As it may have always seemed unattainable to majority of people, the few who dare to tread the risky path have more or less similar values or characters in common. Persistence, clear focus on their goals, self discipline, hard work and passion for what they have set out to achieve are just some of the remarkable traits that encompass the lives of successful people. From autobiographies to interviews, to forums discussed by some of the elite motivational speakers, these traits have been emphasised through them all.
One of the important traits of successful people also includes giving back to the society. As Benjamin Burt clearly put it -True prosperity is the result of well placed confidence in ourselves and fellow man. Although success may be celebrated by one man or woman, it is inevitable to acquiesce the role that their families, communities, the people they know or only heard of their stories have played to shape their lives. Therefore, the mentality that giving only makes one weak or reverses one’s efforts to attaining their goals is all but a false statement. Successful people are always excited to help others in their quest for a better tomorrow.

The 2012 list of some of the most successful celebrities in Forbes Magazine has been linked to charity initiatives around the world. These include Mel Gibson and Lance Armstrong to mention only a few who have massively donated towards the society. There is always a stronger connection and a fulfilled purpose achieved when one is appreciated for improving the lives of other people without expecting anything in return. Several organisations around the world have also been involved in charity related courses that have yielded a positive output towards education, health or the security of people who live in deplorable states with dwindled hope and despair. For example, Pact Africa, promoting the delivery of AIDS free babies in Africa and Opportunity International, influencing the lives of people in India via business loans.

However, does charity only mean that one has to have a six-figure bank account balance under their name? Not quite. Florence Nightingale gave hope to the sick out of her heart’s will. Some of the most inspiring success stories have been influenced by the mentorship or advice that people have gotten from other successful people. And so, as the saying goes, charity begins at home. One can always start with that young boy who is always walking around the neighbourhood or that office messenger that everyone looks down upon. No man is an island to fulfil all he desires by himself, therefore, by helping others around you, every single person around the world will have a wonderful story to tell.