August 27, 2015 NOW Foundation

Purpose of Donation

 CoverPic_10Aug15As human beings, it is important that we recall our nature of sharing with the poor. We have to remind ourselves of the quote “Man is a Social animal” by a great socialist. Yes! We are all connected to each other, the weak need help from the strong, just as the poor need help from the rich and the sick need help from the healthy. We need help from each other to build a better place and bring happiness in people’s lives. If you are convinced to share or donate that something you have, you are taking a step forward for the growth of your society and your nation.  Primary Needs: Most of the basic needs that can be donated are listed here. 1) Basic needs: Clothes, footwear, rugs, blankets, socks and any kind of shoes, umbrellas, rain coats, scarves and any other clothing requirements. 2) Food items: Bread, fruits, rice, any kind of vessels, glasses, water carriers, tumblers, milk containers for infants, flask. 3) Shelter requirements:  Any kind of bed frames and weaved articles and any helpful items for children. IT IS MOSTLY CHILDREN BELOW 5 YEARS OF AGE THAT ARE FOUND LACKING THE BASIC THINGS. Children do not know what it is to be rich or poor. More than all the other age groups, children below 5 years were found suffering hunger. Children who lack sufficient diet and are unable to get nutritious food are malnourished and can be found in every part of the world.  There are millions of orphaned children all over the world and they are always in need of something. After their basic requirements, their secondary needs can be met through the donation of items such as school bags, books, stationery, toys, learning materials and any kind of sport and athletic equipment. Public Service: Charity can be given by providing some of the basic requirements of the people in a crowded place. Water and any fruit juice can be provided in public places. People who are sick and feel sudden dehydration can be treated by means of this service, which is more helpful in summer. Providing useful equipment for those who are physically handicapped, using your money to buy food at lunch or dinnertime for those who could not make their livelihood is a great form of help. Let us extend our hands to the poor and let them know that they belong to the planet where humanity is never ending. Sharing is love and loving is Life!! Let us live and let others live!!!!