NOW Foundation has several response levels, so we can react quickly to benefit the people who most urgently need our help. Our long term solutions include ensuring adequate clean water sources and promoting positive agricultural advancement

Emergency Solutions

Natural disasters and socio-economic crises occur throughout the world and they can be particularly problematic in developing countries, where there is often a lack of Government intervention and an increasing reliance on humanitarian aid. The NOW Foundation acts quickly in these times of crisis and employs a flexible response to the needs of those people suffering most. Essential donations ensure that our Emergency Solutions Team is able to respond quickly enough and with adequate supplies to relieve disaster stricken areas in time to save precious lives. As humanitarian aid workers, the NOW Foundation delivers immediate supplies of life-saving drinking water, as well as much needed relief supplies, including water-treatment tablets, food packages, emergency medical supplies and temporary shelters.

Water Solutions

It can be difficult to imagine for those of us who blithely turn on our taps and faucets, that many developing countries still don’t have access to essential, life-saving drinking water. The reality in many villages and communities in Africa and Asia is that they are still forced to exist without a sustainable source of clean and safe water, meaning that adults and children have no choice but to drink unsanitized water that contains high levels of effluent, bacteria and life-threatening viruses.

The NOW Foundation not only provides emergency relief to people living without clean drinking water but also works alongside these beleaguered communities to provide long-term solutions. Our Water Solutions Team builds water holes and wells which can last up to thirty years with minimal maintenance. We also provide water purification tablets for short-term relief, which remove unsafe toxins and waterborne diseases from existing water supplies and provide clean, safe drinking water in its place.

Agricultural Solutions

Impoverished and disadvantaged communities that don’t have access to safe drinking water are home to some of the poorest people in the world. We regularly work alongside these communities, where children and their families are literally starving to death. Once The NOW Foundation has established a source of safe drinking water we move to Stage 2 – developing a secure food source through the development of sustainable agricultural systems. Thirst and hunger are the two biggest killers in Africa and Asia and they are irretrievably linked with a deadly cycle of sickness and death. NOW understand that to break this dreadful cycle once and for all, we need to target the two key areas that we can improve on, clean water and sustainable agriculture.

Food Source

The NOW Foundation’s Agricultural Education Team provides communities with the knowledge, equipment and materials required to establish a sustainable agricultural system that suits the climactic conditions of each individual community. These include crop seeds, fertilizer, tools and equipment, so they can plant, tend and successfully harvest their own crops. We also provide prospective famers with basic education and ongoing mentoring to ensure they have the knowledge to achieve a crucial harvest. We show them how they can increase growth in their particular environment and potentially sell any surplus food- crops they produce to generate income. This not only enables these farmers to provide vital food to their communities but also gives them hope for the future and a sense of direction in life.