It is a disturbing fact that millions of men, women, and children in today’s modern society are forced to fight every day just to exist. Without access to safe drinking water and surviving with almost no food, they represent the most vulnerable section of the world’s population. These long-suffering, impoverished communities are locked in a deadly cycle of drought, famine, sickness and death. This terrible cycle is initiated and exacerbated by the fact, that many of these communities have no access to clean drinking water. In the areas where NOW Foundation currently provides life-saving aid there are approximately 544 Million people living without access to safe water and without enough food to eat.
Last year alone over 840,000 people died because of water related disease alone! That heart- breaking and desolate total of lost human life could have been massively reduced by fast and determined intervention. We at NOW Foundation NEVER want to see such a horrific number of lives lost again through circumstances that could have been avoided. Part of our core mission is to do everything in our power to stop such a tragedy ever happening again – not on our watch! We want to act NOW to offer our life-saving, humanitarian interventions, to provide emergency aid to those most desperately in need and then to help them access clean, safe water. Together, we can help reduce this horrific annual cost in human life. We can only do this NOW – with your help!

840,000 Preventable Deaths

This shocking fact, that each year, approximately 840,000 people die from diseases, contracted from drinking unsafe water is almost incredible. These most vulnerable people in our global population are also doomed to watch their children wither and die before their very eyes unless this deadly cycle of sickness and death is broken. The frail and painfully vulnerable children in these stricken communities pay a huge cost with their lives each and every year that passes. They are most at risk, because their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea and dysentery and the downhill spiral from there is a rapid and tragic one repeated across these overwhelmed regions every single minute, hour after hour, day after day.

40 Billion Hours

In the developing countries, people spend around 40 billion hours every year walking in search of water to drink! 40 Billion Hours wasted! Those who bear the greatest burden of collecting water are usually women and children. The water they collect is often contaminated and even though they know it might kill them, they are left with no choice. They must simply drink this foul water to survive long enough to see the hot sun, rise another day.

These exhausting journeys for this contaminated water are often long and treacherous and when you factor-in the sickness and starvation, you will begin to understand the challenges facing these people just to survive for the next few days. Many children are forced into this back-breaking but imperative chore which means they get even more exhausted increasing their risk of disease. This also means that these trapped and exhausted children not only miss school but are left vulnerable to abuse and sexual assault when they are travelling unsupervised.

These sick and dying children should not have to pay this shocking price year after year for the excesses of the wealthy few. NOW Foundation is determined to help every one of these drought- stricken communities to establish their own clean water source so that their children can begin once more to survive and thrive. With clean water and healthy crops these long-suffering children can go back to school where they long to be, away from the dangerous and dusty roads, forced into carrying a heavy load of filthy water in the desiccating heat.


The immediate and primary causes of the devastating food shortages in Africa and Asia, which are affecting tens of millions of people, are prolonged drought and decades of violent conflict. A lack of water not only denies essential hydration and short-term survival but also has a massive impact
on agricultural, industrial and household activities. Without safe water it is almost impossible to grow food and stay clean and a steady supply of safe, clean water can dramatically improve the quality of life for millions of people and their communities across the developing world.